Hi Carlos,

I don’t usually use the backend editor so I’ll need a little more guidance. I appreciate your offer to help but the problem is I can just send posts to you to create each blog post. This is for our CEO and he wants to be able to post blogs immediately, and not wait until you’ve done it for us. So, maybe we could do a Teams call where you can share your screen and teach me how to do this. Given the time difference, what time could we do this either Thursday or Friday?


I am familiar with blogs. I’ve set up an internal intranet site on SharePoint called The Compass and we have a CEO blog there, as well as an employee suggestion section that acts like a blog. Here are screen shots to let you see what I’m thinking about in terms of layouts.


Please advise asap. Our CEO wants to launch this early next week. I already have drafts of the introductory content and 3 possible blog posts so we could create one using those but not publish yet, so he can look at a mock-up early next week.